Design and production of embedded electronics, software, tracking-, telemetry- and remote-control applications

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Proposal for a project scope

System design
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Schematic design
Printed circuit board layout
Prototype production
Serial production

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Embedded control systems
Radio based control systems
Internet based remote control
Telemetry and data transfer

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We can offer the following services

Novatron AS offer development of electronics and software, all adapted to fit the customers need. We can offer a preliminary survey to clearify the exact demands, unless the customer already has a detailed specification for the project. The initial survey will end up in a design- and functional-description that is approved by the customer. The approval may be given after a few rounds to clear out any misunderstandings and new questions that appear during the initial survey.

When a fixed spesification is ready, we can then offer a design that will solve the actual problem. Is the project well defined and clear, we may be able to give a binding offer. In other cases, the scope may be depending on other factors, the progress from other project participants, test-results and so on. In this case a fixed price may not be possible. We can instead offer part of the job on an hourly basis and with fixed report intervals to allow for adjustment of scope and estimate in accordance with the customer.

We develop the elctronics from scratch or integrate off the shelf modules, all depending on the actual needs. We design the circuit-schematics, perform the printed circuit board layout and handle the production of prototypes and production series.

We develop software for embedded electronics with a functionality according to the product specification. Programming of the underlying control software is mostly written in the "C" programming language. In many cases, we also develop additional software for running on a PC that communicates with the embedded software. This allows for a simpler and more user friendly interface for control, processing, storage and presentation of data. PC-programs are primarily written in the "Java" programming language, but other languages may be used if necessary.

There is an increasing demand for extensive communication by radio or internet for exchange of telemetry- and control-data between different kinds of equipment. We can offer programming of radio-interfaces and interfaces for internet communication, either by cable, WiFi or by mobile services based on GPRS, EDGE or 3G.

As a solution for web based communication, we can also offer customized web-server solutions to give customers a internet-based interface to their equipment. We can deliver everything from simple PHP based interfaces as addon to existing server or web-hotel solutions and up to fully integrated server solutions designed especially for the specific project. The server software can be installed on your own hardware or you may hire a VPS (Virtual Private Server) server from one of the server hosting companies. The use of VPS gives more flexibility and scalabilty and relives the customer from running and maintaining a server with necessary infrastructure. Hireing VPS services will usually give a much more stable solution with less down time.

Project SEARCHLIGHT is our latest project, a wireless remote control system designed especially for remote control of maritime searchlights. The system can automatically handle a large number of remote control panels and connect them to 6 different searchlights, searchlights that may be a mix of different brands, types and interfaces. The system may also be used for control of other types of equipment than searchlights and may be delivered in special versions for OEM-customers.

The NovOtime project is an example of an application with a customized electronics module that communicates over the mobile network with a special-programmed web-server running on a VPS. In addition to a simple web-interface (through a standard browser), this project also involves a special applications running on a local PC that communicates with the server, downloads data, and transfer the data into the customers own local software or database.

The Minecat project show an example of an advanced remote control application for machines. The system consists of a control-module fitted on the machine which supervice and control all functions on the machine. The control system communicates through a wireless, two-way, data-link with a mobile control panel by which the operator can control the operation and monitor all cruicial machine parametres over long distance. The system is designed to withstand strong vibrations and shock and for operation under high temperatures in desert conditions.

The AUTOflyer project is an example of an other special electronics module with specialized software that communicates by two-way radio with a graphic user applications running on a PC.

Take contact for more information on available solutions and how this can be adapted to solve your problem.